The kick-off meeting of the HEurope project ATTRACTISS was held on October 17th, 18th and 19th 2022, in Florence, Italy.

The project’s coordinator WIRTSCHAFTSAGENTUR BURGENLAND GMBH (WAB) was the host, and over 30 participants from 17 entities across Europe attended the meeting.

On the 1st day the main topics approached were Internal Communication and possible Impacts of ATTRACTISS, with the consortium discussing questions such as “what do we want to achieve?” and “How to maximise impacts?”. The second day was dedicated to the Work Packages (WPs) presentations as well as subjects such as the Management guidelines and Risk and Data Management. The last day closed with a Communication Workshop, possible links and opportunities with other Horizon Europe projects and a final presentation on how ATTRACTISS can support the CAP, AKIS,  EIP and Horizon Europe program by special guest Inge Van Oost of DG Agri.

Below you can see photos from the ATTRACTISS kick-off meeting:

Stay tuned to learn more about the project!